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Some of the programming you will be hearing will be produced locally. Other programming will include independent productions, news, talk shows, independent music, points of views and much more. Please Contact us if you would like to produce programing for 104.9 FM

All times are Pacific.

Please Email us about the shows , we want your feedback

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For more information about local programming around the country and computers
please feel free to visit the resources and websites below:
Radio Programming
PC Information
Laptop Information
Web Programming
News Programs
Progressive Talk
Independent Programs
Democracy Now
Host Amy Goodman gives the real scoop. Catch it every day, mornings, mid-day, afternoon and evenings.
What's on America's Mind
With Emerson Drake

Topics include Salida annexation. MID, Modesto and other California news and politics with guests and callers. Live on Wed Night 7pm-8:30pm + replays
Unwelcome Guests - Radio4all's weekly news/talk special.
Free Speech Radio News
Daily News Program
Radio Dan Show -Talking movies, television and other life altering issues
Between the Lines
Investigative Weekly News Magazine

Salida Town Meeting
Live on the 4th Tuesday at 7pm + replays
Real Democracy in action

In the Studio - Mojo Studios indie music show
Weekly news on Corporate media by F.A.I.R.

Voices of Our World - 28 Minute radio program featuring stories of social justice and perspectives rarely heard in the media.

Redeye - High-quality public affairs and arts programming to listeners looking for a progressive take on current events.


New Dimensions
Diverse viewpoints from various cultural, social and spiritual paths
Radio EcoShock Show - Environment news,
interviews, and music

Producer: Alex Smith
Mind Over Matters -Community Forum / Talk show
social, political, economic and spiritual issues that you won't hear on the corporate controlled radio stations
Producer: Mike McCormick from
Seattle, WA

Building Bridges
- Labor News-
Producer: Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

New World Notes
Mind Over Matters:
Eat the Airwaves
a forum for anti-authoritarian political opinion, research and humor". Local and national political and social issues
Geov Parrish
Seattle, WA

* NEW March 2010 *
Farm and Family
features interviews with experts and other agricultural officials about timely topics related to agriculture

Jim Hightower
-2 minute Editorial Commentaries
Zorch Report
Deconstructing Dinner
Understanding the implications of our food choices can create a real sense of empowerment and
Pacifica Radio
California News
( sundays after 10pm )
  New World Notes Earth First Radio News
    Great Speech's
    Swanktown Radio
    Cindy Shehands Soap Box



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