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This is the most important section of the web site and the most important need of the radio station... your support! While LPFM stations are fairly inexpensive to operate, there are some costs involved. Equipment and space are the two biggest expenses a station has.

We are operational and on the air 24/7 on 106.1fm and streaming on the internet. We encourage you to be a part of this unique opportunity and consider becoming an underwriter or sponsor of this station.

Please show your support of this great new community resource! Click on the appropriate form that you wish to contribute via postal mail with, or click on the "Make Donation!" button to donate now!

... The best way to show support for our station is to put up our new logo to spread the word
Download X106 Logo Small-LOGO -17k / LARGE-LOGO 422k

...... Please DO NOT SEND CHECKS TO "F.O.T.E." we can not cash that at this time......

Underwriting Form          Sponsorship Form

Any donation amount is appreciated! If you are interested in underwriting or individual sponsorship, please complete the Sponsor/Underwriter form and submit with your donation.


Why underwrite programming on KQRP?

When your organization or business underwrites on KQRP, you help support an important community resource and unique opportunities for marketing to the local and global audience. An investment in underwriting offers your business an opportunity to reach a targeted audience based on the wide variety of programs offered. It also strengthens public perception of your commitment to the community. In addition, because KQRP is owned and operated by Fellowship of the Earth, a tax-exempt congregation of the Universal Life Church, your contributions are tax deductible.

When you underwrite programs or donate to KQRP, that money goes to help fund the overhead costs of running the radio station. Due to requirements KQRP-LP can not "advertise" for profit services, or products. Please take a look at what your help can support:

For $50 you can support a hour of daily programming for a month

For $100 you can help support local news, weather and community events each month

For $500 you can help support the music library and pay for royalties

For $3000 you can support a live radio broadcast at community events.

Program Underwriting:
If you would like to underwrite programs on KQRP, please call for further details. This would also include underwriting of local events KQRP may broadcast live from.


KQRP will thank you for your contributions to our programming on the air and during specific programs in which contributions are made for. The name, address, phone number and web site address are acceptible to mention. Beyond that it will have to come under the scrutiny of the Enhanced Underwriting rules which are:

Your message must be value neutral (without subjective or promotional wording).
Corporate slogans are acceptable as long as they do not promote, show comparison or call to action.
Non-profit may state when an event is free to the public, other price information may not be given.
Second person references, such as you, your, and you're, are excluded.
No specific music or jingles may be used.
Message may not contain any superlatives or comparative language.
Message may not exceed thirty words excluding pre-amble ("This program brought to you by..")
KQRP reserves the right to edit so that the message complies with FCC regulations.

Click to download & print Underwriting Form
Please fill out and send along your contribution to:

P.O. Box 612
Salida, CA 95368

Call for more information or clarification of these Enhanced Underwriting Guidelines.
(209) 545-4227

Individual Annual Sponsorship Levels

You don't have to commit to underwriting programming to help support KQRP. Individual sponsorship is also encouraged and welcomed. Each donor has the option to remain anonymous if they so choose and their name will not appear on any sponsorship lists.

Silver Sponsorship - $50- $99

Gold Sponsorship - $100 -$499

Platinum Sponsorship - $500+

Click here to download & print Sponsorship Form

Valley Community Radio
c/o Brad Johnson
P.O. Box 612
Salida, Ca 95368


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