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KQRP 106.1 fm
_Is a Commcercial Free Low Power F.M. Community Radio station serving the community of Salida,Ripon and North Modesto with media outreach and volunteer efforts.
The Station Volintears have extensive radio broadcast experience and use those skills and knowledge to benefit the community.

The radio station will serve as a conduit for a vast array of unique programming. It will give the community an oportunity to utilize this media to reach their neighbor's, families, and friends.
It will also provide an invaluable resource for educational, cultural and progressive programs. Our mission is to offer programming which will enrich, enlighten, and educate.

Station History:
January 2000
- FCC creates new license class for low power non-commercial radio stations called LPFM.
June 2000
- Window for California appications for a Low Power FM radio station open,
and filed by KQRP.

Fall 2000 - After the filing window closed, legislation slid through on an Appropriations Bill that disqualifies two-thirds of the applicants based on deliberately false data. FOTE's frequency gets the axe due to "third adjacency" rules. Application in limbo status.

October 2002 - A new window for LPFM amendments open to allow those stations who lost their frequency to file for a new one under the new rules. We filed the amendment.

June 2003 - Construction Permit was granted to KQRP by the FCC on 6-30-03 for a LPFM 100 watt non-commercial station to operate in the town of Salida on the frequency of 106.1 fm.

Note: July 2003 -The MITRE Report released. The MITRE Corporation did an independent study on challending the validity of the engineering data presented to Congress about LPFM interference.

to recover our lost signal in The Modesto area ! -

01-21-2008 a new 'repeater' station comes on the air in Modesto on
105.9 FM splashing over interference onto 106.1 FM KQRP

licensed frequency!
 Rad more about the take over of  local radio

This repeater station on 105.9 FM is repeating the signal of
106.9 FM that ALL READY covers the Modesto area
from a very larger antenna near Kansas Ave. & Hiway 99.

this new 'repeater' station on 105.9 FM

PLEASE CONTACT US A.S.A.P so we can document this

the new 'repeater' station on 105.9 FM
'MUST NOT cause interference to licensed stations
as per F.C.C. rules and orders.

KQRP has been serving the local community with 'REAL-NEWS'
and playing music from LOCAL bands !!!

Our official broadcast commenced on 8-17-04 in Salida, California on 106.1 fm.

We have been webcasting 'the real-news'
over the streaming internet broadcast since 1999

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