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Salida Election News


Brads 2011
 Brad Johnson Live TV election speech for the 99 percent salida ca
TV Election Speech

November 2011 -Salida Election News
A letter from the public to Brad regarding the election , and the reply.

...Questions from a Salida Voter

....................Answers from Brad


Hello Brad,
My name is Sharon   I am a very active parent in the Salida Union School District.  I have served as Parents Club President for Sisk Elementary  and have served on the budget committee for the last 2 years.

Q) The election of our school board is extremely important to me. None of the candidates prepared statements or have been out in the district telling us about themselves.  This makes it hard for me to vote.
  Would you please tell me why you want to be on our
school board? What is your professional and volunteer background? 
How would your history and skills benefit Salida and our students? 






A)  I have served on the Salida Town board for many years , Also on the cable TV public access channel board , as well as the Modesto Peace/Life center Media board.

I have worked in Broadcasting for more then 20 years and have a background in computer programing and electronics. My father was a farmer and also the auto-shop teacher at Ceres High school. I co-founded the
Salida.Org and now serve as the Webmaster.

The town website is now located at


Q) What do you know about Salida Union?  What are your ideas, dreams or plans if you were to be elected?Our district is so important to me that I almost ran in the last election, A) I DID sign up to run last time and the county election  board talked me out of it .  
Q) I know that you have served on MAC

A) More then 2 terms..
almost 10 years now and I have seen many many
ideas and county staff come and go.....



Q) I think being an involved resident is extremely important.
  I have spent my time being involved in my children's education, holding off on community involvement for now.


A) Sharon we need more folks like you coming to the town and county meetings.

If we do not attend the public meeting the developers and corporations 'have their way' with our future


Q) I would really like to know why you are running for the school board and what you would like to accomplish if you were to be elected. 

A) As I see it the school board has been run based on 'tax and spend'/ prey for large development projects' thinking..
.. far too much money was spent building the
2 story penthouse headquarters building on Sisk Road
with a underground parking lot.
 the fact is the poor kids use old or portable classrooms and good teachers get laid off!
The district has gambled on growth with our taxes and the Mello Roos fees on even more development and bought good farmland to help developers pave-over for more schools and can not keep the ones it has currently has open to the public!

 Some of the  current board has conflicts of interest that the general public is not aware of but would quickly be exposed with a few good questions best delivered from a microphone and TV camera, rest assured if elected I would video tape the meetings and broadcast them on the local government and the public access channels and shine a little 'sunshine' on the gray areas.
 This is what I have been doing for YEARS now with  the Salida town meetings
and it quickly turns things around to work better for the  hard working folks that live here.

Q) My votes are as of yet undecided.  Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

A) Thanks you for thinking and voting Sharon.

Please consider me for the Salida School and Sewer board in the next election.
John "Brad" Johnson
public volunteer for the town of Salida.


PS I hope you do not mind if I use this email replay on my website and on local TV this Sunday night on Channel 23.
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I also try to air local content on 106.1 FM here in Salida
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