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It should be noted that President Bush's 2004 budget
proposed a 6.2 billion dollar cut in Veterans' health and welfare benefit

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sites that cross link ! ! ! . _ . _    randy and lowery, why clear channel sucks ass labor rules etc    _ .

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Check Out SamOneil Radio Voice overs
103.3 FM 17.32 Modesto, CA Country Heard about WWW.REDBAND.COM ?Red Band?
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  rock 96.7 FM transmitter site for North Modesto ROCK 96.7 FM Manteca/ripon califrona
KYLD   KYLD Tampon of broadcaster convenction NAB n.a.b. listen on line real audio
check out the streaming online site of at

tour the radio-station-safety-list   tour the radio-station-safety-list   clearchannel mall  clear channel mall web site over view
map to radio tower websites
  FM transmitter site for ROCK 96.7 FM Manteca/ripon califrona

Remember 9/11,(mp3 ) forget North

On Sept. 11th, 2001, around 3,000 Americans perished and police officers and firefighters sacrificed their lives to help others. Approaching the two-year anniversary, it is appropriate that we honor their memories and demonstrate support for our local police and fire departments.Their actions, for our collective safety, define true patriotism. Unfortunately, our community memorial includes Lt. Col. Oliver North. During the Iran-Contra scandal, North sold arms to Iran, an "axis of evil" nation, and diverted profits from those sales to the Contras. North's actions violated Congressional rules for arms sales, the arms embargo against Iran, our national pledge never to deal with terrorists or their supporters and the 1984 Boland Amendment, which prevented the expenditure of federal funds to the Contras. Rather than being a national hero, Oliver North is a war criminal. North does not deserve to be on the stage with our police and firefighters. It's a tragedy that local organizers and *corporate sponsors*could not have selected a more appropriate representative to honor our real heroes.