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Salida Town Meeting Video Feed


You can see the local town meetings In the Modesto area on comcast cable TV channel 19
Friday at 8pm-10pm and Saturday 11am-1pm on the Modesto/Oakdale Cable system.

This same government signal feeds into Salida/Turlock/Riverbank etc. on the Charter Cable system on Channel 19 and can be seen in Salida at the same time.
I also try to air local content on 104.9 FM here in the Salida and Modesto on our Local Public Radio station KGIG.

Tune in to 104.9 fm each Wednesday night for a live local call in talk show , call in we want to hear from the public !
You can also get local news from KGIG on the Facebook feed

2013 Salida Ca Mac Town Meeting online video

Salida Sewer dept. meeting

town meeting November/December 2012 4 parts
 Salida who do not want to be part of modesto hands please
Video Part 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

2013 January
salida town meeting Jan 2013 raise hands no anex
ending with
Sewer district tour

February 2013
Salida Vs Modesto we say no feb 2013 town meeting video
The MAC votes "No Annex by Modesto"

Salida Sewer rate hike meeting
~ 2011 June 9th
Sewer Rate Hike Protest meeting

we only needed 1000
more of you to vote &
to block a rate hike ,
only ~80 voted !

April 2013 Salida Meeting
2013 April rowdy town hall meeting

Salida Town Meeting June 2013
part1 and part 3
part 1  chp report , sheriff was a no showPart 1
Salida Town Meeting on incorporation
we get a real report on Salida becoming a CITY


Town Meeting July 2013
in five 100 meg parts

 July 2013 salida meeting part 1 only
Parts 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Salida Sewer dept meeting about
Solar Power 2013-04
Part one board meeting and agenda itemsPart1
Solor report mid pointPart2
 4-13-2013 Pt3

Town Hall Meeting for Aug 2013
( Full House )
Part One The public comments are great
Brad wants to help but someone is holding him back

Part 1 free speech and then Trafic problems Part 2
Part 3 Aug 2013 Trafic Problems and atempt to do something about it
Part 3

Salida Town Meeting September 2013
Click here to play the video why not Salida California By Brad Johnson and KGIG Radio
Part 1 , 2 , 3

2013 October
Part 1
Salida MAC 2013-pt1 of 2

Salida Town hall meeting part 2 of 2

All rights reserved KGIG Modesto CA
Free Radio 104.9 FM

Summer 2013
Salida Sewer
May 2013
 2013 MAY Sewer
Salida Sewer June 2013 Salida Sewer June 2013

2013-08 Sewer Meeting,
Aug- 2013 meeting video click here why don't you

On the agenda cost of living raise
Meeting Minutes

Minutes from meeting 1, 2


Brads on the 2011 election to the sewer boardTV Election Speech
 Brad Johnson Live TV election speech for the 99 percent salida ca
and for 2013 the MID #4 race...
Brad talks about the MID election race for Nov 2013 with Athens Ablell on TV15

November 2011 -Salida Election News
A letter from the public to Brad regarding the election , and the reply.
Email Brad at JHILL_81 ( at ) type in this EMail address to contact me.
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Now you can watch the 2009 Salida
Town meeting video online
for FREE
streaming windows video 83megs
Click here to watch the online video on the Salida Ca town meeting
Web site for the Town of Salida, CA

The bums at Charter Cable TV have turned off your 'Local Access Channel'
so we will be bringing you more local video on this web site.

CONSUMER ALERT : Big problems with AT&Tís U-verse video over IP technology

Modesto Peace Life Center Newspaper/Web site StanislausConnections.Org

Brad's with F.C.C. Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein(d)
at the Seattle Recalim the Media Teach-In on HDTV.

Ham Radio / World Wide

Slow Scan (SSTV) web cam

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