Salida Lighting District - Current Status

The current situation with the finances for the Salida Lighting District is dim. The current estimate for electric power and maintenance would require a direct assessment of $15.04 (per year). Without this increase there will not be sufficient funds to pay MID. The deficit is estimated to be $14,000.

The options include another ballot procedure requesting approval for increase in assessment rate. If the rate is approved, there will be no reduction in current lighting services.

If no ballot procedure is held, this would cause approximately 120 lights in the district to be turned OFF.

If the ballot procedure is held and fails to pass, approximately 260 lights in the district would be turned OFF.

The funds raised through the formula process can only be used for the benefit of the Salida Highway Lighting District. Each ballot procedure costs the district $6,000-$8,000 to send out, taking away funding to keep lights on.

The formula itself limits what expenses can be used to establish the assessment amount. Even with a formula the Board of Supervisors must approve the assessment amount.


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