Salida Highway Lighting District History

The purpose of this lighting district is to provide street lighting for residents within a specific geographic area.

The Salida Highway Lighting District was formed in the 1920's. In the late 1970's, the passage of Proposition 13 changed the way the funding for the district was provided. Until Prop. 13, funding was provided through adjusting the property tax rates on an annual basis. Since the passage of Prop. 13, the amount of property taxes received by the district was limited. In order to fund expenses, a direct assessment was authorized by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

In November of 1996 California voters approved Proposition 218. What this proposition requires is that an increase in such assessments can not become effective if protested by a simple majority of ballots cast.
A ballot procedure was held in June 2000 that was requesting an increase of the assessment for those in the Salida Lighting District. The $5.64 increase over the next year was protested with 478 ballots voting against the increase and 366 in favor.

During that time questions were raised on the accountability of some of the funding and it was found that the Modesto Irrigation District was overcharging the lighting district over a period of several years. A reimbursement of nearly $25,000 from MID were used to cover the existing shortfall and previous revenue shortfalls. Last year the Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with MID as a sole provider for a 10% power cost reduction.


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