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SCAMS - Senior Counselors Against Medicare Swindlers
This program is administered by the California HICAP Association (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program of The Salvation Army.
Watch out for:
Someone offering you gifts or money to receive medical services or supplies. Remember Medical services are not Free. Medicare is charged. Read your Medicare Statement carefully. This statement is titled "Your Explaination of Medicare Benefits" and states "This is Not a Bill". Did you actually receive the services and or supplies that were billed to Medicare?

You can report any questionable items to HICAP at 1-800-434-0222. To be a SCAMS volunteer call 577-4068.

The Salvation Army has many great programs for Seniors including the popular Senior Meals program. There is an active Senior Meals program in Salida.

Senior Meals Program - Salida 4936 Washington St. Phone 545-0413. Open at 9:30am - 2:30pm with lunch served at noon. Must be at least 60 years old to participate. A $2 donation for lunch is suggested to cover costs. Lots of activities and games. To volunteer or find out more about The Salvation Army's Senior Meals program or other Senior Services, please call 577-4068.

You can call and request a Senior Information Directory with phone number listings for many helpful services. Call 558-8698 to reach the Stanislaus County Area Agency on Aging.

Area Agency on Aging - 1-800-510-2020
California Rural Legal Assistance Senior Law Project - 577-3811
Health Services Agency - 1-800-834-8171
HICAP - 577-4068
Public Guardian - 525-7412

For general information contact the Catholic Charities/Stanislaus Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance at 529- 0441 or email


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