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Contact Information

Caltrans Project Manager
Bill Sandhu
P.O. Box 2048
Stockton, Ca 95201
(209) 948-7829

Written Comments:
Public comment and input is encouraged however there is a deadline of August 29th, 2001 for comments on the current proposals.

Caltrans Central Region
Environmental Branch / Unit 173
ATTN: Erik Schwab, Environmental Planner
2015 E. Shields Ave. Ste. 100
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 243-8160

For information or questions on the interim project headed by the City of Modesto contact:

Firoz Vohra
Engineering and Transportation
City of Modesto
1010 Tenth St. Suite 4100
Modesto, Ca 95354
(290) 577-5430


Over the next ten years, the Pelandale/Salida Blvd. interchange will be completely reconstructed. We hope to keep up with the latest information and progress on this project.

Currently, there is a long term plan which has options including clover-leaf's and roundabouts. A temporary interim solution to the traffic situation is also proposed. The City of Modesto is in charge of our interim project which will be widening some lanes, and putting in some stop signs or signals at that intersection. Caltrans is currently working on the long term project which they hope to have completed in October of 2009. The project cost is estimated between $30 and $70 million dollars.

We hope to have some visuals available on the web site soon, until then we have the contact information for the project so you may direct your questions and comments to those who are working on the plans.

Information handed out at the August 15, 2001 Open House/Informational Meeting:

Project Purpose: To ease traffic congestion; To improve traffic operations; To provide for current and future capacity increases to the SR 99/Pelandale Avenue interchange.

Background: The SR 99/Pelandale Avenue interchange is located in the north part of the City of Modesto, providing access to commercial/residential properties. The area is undergoing rapid commercial and residential development that has resulted in generating considerable traffic to the interchange. During peak traffic periods, the SR 99/Pelandale Avenue interchange operates at a level of service F. Both the City of Modesto and Stanislaus County have collected developer fees for improvements to the interchange. The City is developing contract plans for an interim project for improvements at the interchange to provide temporary relief. The City will complete this project throught he encroachment permit process.

Project Description: Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) in coordination with the Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) and the City of Modesto, are proposing to reconstruct the interchange at Route 99 and Pelandale Avenue in the City of Modesto, Stanislaus County. Several build alternatives and the no-build alternative are considered for study. Depending on the alternative selected, the project proposes to make the following changes:

  • Replacement of the existing Pelandale overcrossing structure (replacement structure will have standard lane and shoulder width including pedestrian sidewalks).
  • Possible constructoin of a round-about intersections at the freeway ramp terminals, Sisk Road, and Salida Boulevard.
  • Possible construction of a Single Point Urban interchange
  • Possible construction of a Partical Cloverleaf interchange, that provides loop on-ramps in addition to the four diamond-type ramps.
  • Possible realignment of Sisk Road to the east of it's current location. (Note : this would cut through current businesses)
  • Possible construction of auxiliary lanes on Route 99. Pelandale Avenue may be widedned to eight-lanes between Sisk Road and Salida Boulevard.

Project Cost: Construction estimates $33 to $52 million estimated

Funding Sources: This project is proposed for funding through the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) and other funding sources.

Project Time Line:

  • March 2001: Begin Environmental Studies
  • May 2003: Draft environmental document (EIR)
  • August 2007: Begin Construction
  • October 2009: Project completed

Questions: For more information please contact Balhar (Bill) Sandhu, Project Manager at (209) 948-7829 or e-mail Bill at



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