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Salida has an estimated population of about 14,000 people now. Many community minded citizens have taken on projects to benefit our community in some way. This section will serve as a directory to the various Non-profit, service, and community oriented organizations that are helping make Salida an active community. You are urged to get involved with your community and join one of these great organizations.



Salida Municipal Advisory Council

Established in 1988, the MAC is an elected body of 5 Salida residents. The MAC advises the Board of Supervisors regarding land use, planning, community development, and other issues affecting Salida. The MAC acts as a clearinghouse for community events, and co-sponsors the Salida Safety Fair. Current Council members are: Tom Burns, Chairman; Lynda Rodriguez, Vice Chairperson; Hugh Corbalis, Secretary; Elvia Jimenez-Lopez; Steve Ernst. For more information contact Tom Burns, 545-2778 or

Salida Civic Association

Established as a Non-Profit Corporation to sponsor and organize community events. The SCA is the lead organization in the very successful Salida Town & Country Festival & Parade. The Second Annual Town & Country Festival is scheduled for August 18, 2001. For more information, contact Denise Martinez, c/o Salida News, or at

Central Salida Revitalization Committee

The CSRC addresses concerns and issues regarding the core area of downtown Salida. In the past 3 years, the CSRC has been responsible for additional street lighting, and has worked to foster a sense of community in the downtown residents. For more information, contact Cathy Kirby, c/o Salida MAC

Salida Town Watch

The Town Watch is a central organization to which various Neighborhood Watch groups can come for assistance, advice, and information. The Town Watch meets regularly with the Sheriff Department, and provides speakers for the Neighborhood Watch Co-ordinators. The Town Watch, in conjunction with other organizations, also provides a fund raising function for the Sheriff's sub-station, and for individual neighborhood watch groups. For more information, contact the Sheriff's sub-station at 543-7355.

Yes, Salida has it's own internet web site at! This all-volunteer organization is run by Sandy and Brad Johnson, and provides a web presence for the Salida community, including a community forum.

Salida Rotary Club

The Salida Rotary Club is the newest club in Rotary District 5220, having received it's charter in May 2000. The Rotary Club assists other civic organizations in sponsoring community events, and sponsors it's own events, including:

  • Crab Feed February 24, 2001
  • SAV'M Tutoring and Mentoring Program
  • Rotary Community Read-In
  • Salida School District Scholarships
  • Salida Middle School Youth Act Club
  • Family sponsorship at Christmas
  • International programs, including Polio Plus, the eradication of Polio from third world countries.
  • Youth Foreign Exchange

For more information, contact Salida Rotary Club at 545-0601. The club meets every Friday at 6:45 am at Salida Fire Station #1 for breakfast. All are welcome.

Salida Rotary Youth Act

Youth Act is designed to involve middle-school age kids in the fundamentals of Rotary and in volunteering for their community. It also fosters leadership. Salida Youth Act, the newest club in the Rotary District, already is the largest club in the district with over 50 members. Contact Salida Rotary or Salida Middle School for more information.

Salida Garden Club

Formed in the fall of 2000, the Salida Garden Club is organized to help beautify the downtown area as well as the parks in Salida. Contact Cathy Kirby c/o Salida MAC, for more information.

Salida Little League

Little League Baseball, with over 550 players last year.

Salida Steelers Football
Steelers Cheerleading

Participates in an area-wide football league for children ages 7 to 16. Over 400 kids participated last year.

Central Valley Hornets

An all-Salida basketball league, offering Winter and Summer leagues, as well as a travelling team for older players. Currently, in excess of 200 kids, from ages 8 to 15 participate. Games are held on Saturdays at Sisk School.

Salida-Ripon Mom's Club We offer a variety of weekly activities for stay-at-home mothers and their children. In addition to Playgroups, park days, and other outings, MOMS Club sponsors Activity Groups for members with common interests such as Arts-n-Crafts, Bible Study Group, Book Club, Canning Club, Cooking Club, Discussion Groups, Fitness Club, Needlework Club, Scrapbooking Club, and a Babysitting Co-op.

If you are a Salida organization that benefits the greater community of Salida, we welcome your group to list with our organization directory. If you currently have a website we can link to it, if you don't have a website, please feel free to inquire about getting your own site hosted for FREE here at for more information. 

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