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Brad Johnson will stand up to corporate power for the public good
Brad Johnson for MID#4
this November.

"This election the real question is not about how much water to sell, but keeping the water we do have clean and safe from the Special Interest Groups "
Brad Johnson


'Hydraulic fracturing'
Learn how clean water is consumed by big oil company's
in the central valley

Fact: In 2008, Kern Oil producers injected nearly
1.3 billion barrels of water to extract 162 million barrels of oil—a ratio of nearly eight barrels of water for every barrel of oil produced.

?? Do we want this to happen in Stanislaus County next ??


The Colonization of Kern County: Fracking

 Click for Fracking video everyone in Modesto should watch
Click the Water Glass for a Video

video links on fracking
so we can all understand the impact on our ground water. for a video modesto ground water , is it safe from oil and gas fracking ??

Sea Change :There Will Be Crud

Liar Liar, My Water’s on Fire:
Josh Fox on Hydraulic Fracturing

Richard Heinberg
on Natural Gas:
Bridge Fuel or Fool’s Gold?

Fracking Caused Ohio Earthquakes
can fracking shake the ground , yes

The new California law SB4 is a joke it will only protects the Oil company's.
Fracking in the valley your water lost for Big Oil money
the top state regulator Mark Nechodom, director of the California Department of Conservation did a speech this weekend at MJC ,
he is a master at public relations and a total corporate suck-up.
He flat out lied about the clean water used for fracking.
stating is was only 270 Acre Feet but it is more like 27,000 A/F just in Kern county.

Also the claim of 512,000 new jobs is a typical public relations lie ,
( come on now , lets think about that for 10 seconds before we print a Oil company press releases like it's a fact , just the impact of that many workers would crush the valley with traffic and over burden the food and water resources on the west side of the valley... total fiction just like the 25,000 new jobs Jeff Grover's developer buddy said would be coming to Salida.... so far not one new job , just lots of tax payer money down the drain...)

Please ask the folks of Taft, Wasco or Lost Hill California
how many good jobs the local workers have?

The truth is the community is very very poor and
the corporations take the natural resources.
lots and lots of clean water for a little dirty oil or gas ).
and leave a wake of toxic waste, dirty air and dead land
behind for your kids to deal with.
read about it here.. articles/article/6047/



Brads Johnson
 Brad Johnson Live TV election speech for the 99 percent salida ca
TV Election Speech

November 2011 -Salida Election News
A letter from the public to Brad regarding the election , and the reply.

Brads Local Video channel on YouTube: PublicAccess26


M.I.D. Board meeting video
Your power bill went up
at 2 of 4 meetings that year!
Then after the Election
it went up again...
We need Brad Johnson , He can Stand up for the public on the MID board.
MID board room meeting streaming online thanks to Brad Johnson
streaming windows-video

Watch Brad Johnson
helping the people of Salida.
'Real leadership is
asking the tuff questions"

streaming windows video
Click here to watch the online video on the Salida Ca town meeting
Web site for the Town of Salida, CA


"When government meetings
are broadcast over TV
the truth comes out !"

Brad Johnson
 making Video at the Seattle Convention center Protest
Let the public voice be heard

Brad Johnson
can put the PUBLIC
back into this Public Utility

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