Brad Johnson for M.I.D. 2022 , Someone we know and trust.
Voters pick Brad Johnson for M.I.D.
 No $100 road signs , real leadership for your power bill !

Hi this is Brad Johnson !

I work at a regular job here in Modesto, skilled in electronics.
I have prepared for this office, taken the water leadership classes
and offer theses skills and track record of service.  

I have served my Salida neighborhood well as a volunteer 
helping our town stay on track for 20 years.
Currently serving as senior member: Salida Municipal Advisory Council.

Brad Johnson has proven community leadership experience
with no land conflicts or business interest.

 Brad Johnson will hear your voice when you talk about a $300 home electric bill.
 I grew up here and hold deep respect for how we grow our food!

"We also must protect and ensure clean drinking water from our treatment plant
and a fair supply of water for locally owned family farms, garden customers
and as much as possible, continue to deliver sustainable service to agriculture and industry."

I am ready and able to serve with a 20 year track record of showing up for my community.

Please give me a chance to serve and put the PUBLIC back into this utility district. 

Brad @ 

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson in a TV interview from MID 2013 Election.
on local TV in 2013 MID Election.
 6 minutes of live TV 

If your from Salida you already probably
know Brad Johnson from a Town meeting or event
or perhaps from the many other
volunteer activities in Local Broadcast, Public, and
Salida Government media.
Just some of the projects for the community I am proud to help with.

One late breaking item is a privately owned emergency power plant
to be installed in only a year here in a North Modesto/Riverbank neighbood.

Has anyone talked with you about building a New Power plant? 
  Lets take a look...

Modesto BEE Q&A for Modesto Irrigation District four November 2022 Election
Modesto BEE Questions Brad Johnson   /    Answers 
1. What is your occupation?  I work in electronics, with a background in computers,
broadcasting, and radio engineering.
2:Age 58
 3:How can the district prepare for a possible fourth straight dry year in 2023

Great question John,
I think the priority now is to complete the
Groundwater Sustainability Plan
We are running late on this for the Modesto/Turlock area
and it should have been acted on sooner.

4:How can MID plan for increased demand as electric cars grow in number

Again Thank you for your question about the electricity side of things,
often overlooked by the board.
In the coming years here in California
EV cars will become the main factor 
in energy use AND storage of power,

This is a utility company opportunity as well.

Modern planning envisions a two-way connection here with the EV cars connected to the smart homes system, the cars will get charged late at night when the grid is underused.

More importantly, the utility operator can reverse the process by asking the smart home charger to pull power out of the EV car battery bank during peak times and put some power back into the grid.

MID needs to wise up and embrace this idea rather than fight EV and solar with public statements and policies preventing wider use of smart technologies, Solar power, and smart home two-way connections.

5:How can MID plan for state mandates to shift to renewable power sources

Thank you for thinking about the future.
MID has a lot of room to 'green-up' the district.
right now this week the board is fooling around with the idea to slam a
new power plant into the Northeast side of Modesto, it's going to burn fossil fuel. 
This needs more public input!

We are lucky to live in sunny California!
Solar panels are cheap and very reliable
The district put the breaks on any new home solar trying to cap it
at only 5% of the homes.
A few years back 'smart meters' and net metering 2.0
was hatched as a way to prevent solar for most of us.
this policy must be changed, AND QUICKLY!

I heard this policy change was coming and rather than buying a newer car I put the money into a 7kw solar system for my home,
This is working well and has cut my bill by about 70%.
 Home solar systems are more like an energy partner
and should never be treated as the enemy.
Sadly some of the past board members have lied about home Solar
at the Salida town meetings.
In my own experiences talking with MID public relation department employees
at public events, MID office workers and even some of the line crews have revealed the anti-solar talking points problem is widespread within the current MID employee base.
 ( this seems kinda odd since many of them are parking under solar-covered car ports at the office at our expense ! )
Also, I have concerns about MID's ability to understand and
maintain grid integrity with home inverters.
No tests are done to monitor the quality of the power coming from the grid  
or solar system or to prevent  Electromagnetic interference ( EMI ).
Folks dont like hearing radio static from power lines or poorly made power inverters.

A few policy changes are needed and we can move forward and
closer to 20% Solar homes in the district.
A new grid focus on the time of day is needed
( not the same as time of use billing, no one wants that! ) ,
 these solar homes naturally  put enough extra power back into
the grid at midday, enough to power 2 or 3 other homes.
In the late afternoon before sundown
the solar homes will need the power to start flowing back from the grid,
MID needs to respond to the back and forth of this new energy model,
Securing solar energy contracts with operators
farther to the West can help us stay green later into the evening,
for example, its daylight in parts of Washington, hours longer than in Modesto,
nd Solar from States to the east could power us before sunup in Modesto,
This is how we move forward, not with multi-million dollar contracts to build long lines
to buy from Coal or fossil-fueled powered plants.
We should not be spending millions on long lines
when the assets could be on top of all our homes.

2022 Election: You can compare the answers for the question by me Brad Johnson and the other guys , John Boer and Stu Gillman at the Modesto BEE sub page for the November Election.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson in a TV interview from MID 2013 Election.
on local TV in 2013 MID Election.
 6 minutes of live TV 

You can compare the answers about 2022 Election for Modesto Irrigation District Board  by me Brad Johnson and the other guys ,
John Boer and Stu Gillman at the Modesto BEE sub page for the November 2022 M.I.D. Election.

and now the New SSTV webcam on Valleymedia.Org/sstv

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