In the early 2000's there was a very nice pirate radio station in the Modesto California
area broadcasting from Empire CA.

This station sounded like it was using pro equipment and had very PRO DJ and production team , liners , sound effects
and great pop music that was not getting airplay on the crappy main stream station that are all under corporate control.

rumor has it that most of the production and much of the equipment had been liberated from citadel radios 'bone yard' of left over's
after the mass consolidation of local stations due to the radio holocaust caused by the telecom 96 act.



here is one recording that was saved by the local indy news crew made from a radio receiver 'over the air'
using a beam antenna over about a 14 mile path.

Lick 106.7 fm aircheck mp3 ( CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE MP3 )