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Free Smart Phone APP to listen to radio stations on your phone is much better then iheartradio.com pos

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TUNE-IN Radio offers easy access to the => KGIG stream here <=

We recommend 'WinAmp' as the PC app to play our mp3 stream. ( It's fast and free )


Or you can no longer Listen from Shoutcast anytime even if our local server IP changes.

Call and listen to our broadcast from any phone, landline, office phone or cell phone, anytime, from anywhere in the United States.
Use the car speaker-phone and listen to K-GIG from areas beyond our transmitter range.


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Listen to KGIG local public radio with your smart phone using our Free app , use your phone to click on this link=>

Free APP for Blackberrie and Android to listen to streaming mp3 webcasts
This works great over Wi-Fi or cell tower links


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